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There are still good people in the world…

Last night after dinner, my family and I were on our way back to the car. We walked by some loudass teenagers playing kendama and I thought “Ugh they needa stop being so loud”. My mom drove up closer so that my grandpa didn’t have to walk too much since he takes a while to get into the car because he’s handicapped. One of the teenagers approached us, and as he walked towards us I thought to myself…

"Awwww shiiiiit this person’s gonna rob us huh?"

"Naw maybe he might just come harrass us or something… shit, what to do."

Turns out that he just came up to ask if we needed any help. What a nice guy. I feel so bad for assuming the worst when a stranger comes near. It’s good to know that there are still nice and caring people out there.


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